Douglas J. Sharma

Studio Artist. Film Editor.  Savory Chef.

About Me

My name is Douglas Sharma. I am a graduate of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, and have completed a two-year course in Culinary Arts and Business Hospitality at the Art Institute of California, San Francisco. I am currently a student at the University of Chicago, Masters Program in public policy. My life has revolved around my love for the fields of design, fine art, video work, advertising and the culinary arts. My education and experience have taught me a great deal about the study of the creative arts as well as verbal and written communications. I have a particular love for food and for film, both of which have been developed by years of formal education and diverse personal projects.

At the personal level, I am passionate and committed, of high energy, and a self-starter who functions well with minimum supervision. I have always been blessed with an ability to express myself well, in the spoken and written word, and artistically via music, video, painting, sculpture and most importantly, my work in the kitchen. I have also had a strong athletic background.

Thank you very much for your time and please enjoy my website.

My work experience has also helped to sharpen my focus on media, advertising along with the culinary arts. I spent a summer at Lionsgate in Los Angeles where I built on my skills in the areas of film and video editing, and another summer at Davis Elen Advertising, also in Los Angeles, where I learned elements of broadcast advertising and art direction. I later spent two years as part-time manager for art galleries located in the Los Angeles area.

My experience in the culinary world includes working for various restaurants as a ‘jack of all trades’ in a few differently styled kitchens, as well as contributing in many aspects of the business such as data entry, analytics, menu/storeroom management, and menu creation. I ran my own business called SilverSkin catering. For two years, I worked independently as a caterer for parties no less than 50, and conducting operations from inception to creation, production, and billing.